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Wooden Boxes

Cajas de MaderaOur wide range of wooden packing products cover the merchandise transporting at all levels, by land, sea, and air. We manufacture the Wooden Boxes according to our customers’ needs, with features they request for their packing. We are also willing and able to give you advice and assistance so you can choose appropriately the best offer among the best existing models on the market.
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Wooden Pallets

Tarimas de Madera In Los Alpes, we specialize in the Wooden Pallets design according to its loading needs, maneuvering and price. We offer Pine Wooden Pallets and Oak Wooden Pallets with the wood thickness, width and length according to the client’s requirement. We handle packing wood quality.
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Wooden Beams

Vigas de MaderaThe Wooden Beams are often the aesthetic and functional answer in regards to traditional or contemporary style architecture and exterior decor in general. For your residence, cottage house, garden, rural homes, cabins, ceilings, roofs, boardwalks, public works, playgrounds, as well as various views or exterior wood finishes. Know more »

Wood for Exterior

Madera para ExteriorAt Los Alpes, we are conscious that the essential requirements for the optimal marketing of the wood, even more in regards to Wood for exterior, are recognizing the risks that the wood could take due to humidity, pest, fungus, etc. Such risks could be decay and deterioration of the Wood for exterior. Know more »

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